BALANCING ACT – Lulu Reynolds

Hey everyone and welcome to the brand new series, Balancing Act! Over the next few weeks I’m talking to some amazing creatives about how they balance work and life, business and creative and dreams and hard work.

To kick start it, we have Lulu Reynolds. She’s an up-and-coming fashion model who’s worked with Toni&Guy (did you see her close their show, it was incredible?!), Laura Mercier and Lazy Oafs.

She was kind enough to talk to me about what it’s like being a model, living in London and combining her love of art with her work.


Charlotte: Tell me about what you do and what you’re working on at the moment?

Lulu: I’m currently living and working in London as a full-time model.

C: How did you get into modelling? Was it something you always wanted to do, or was it a lucky break?

L: I began modelling part time after I was scouted whilst on a school trip aged thirteen, fitting in shoots and castings during weekends and school holidays. Like any teenage girl, I was insecure about my unconventional features and long limbs, so modelling was certainly never a career I had considered or expected to pursue.


C: What does a typical day look like for you? Are there things that you try and do every day?

L: The nature of the modelling industry means that no working day is the same. Every day I’m working with a new team of professionals on a new project, which keeps it really exciting. The pace of the industry is rapid, with jobs for the next day only being confirmed in the late evening before, which means that making plans can be challenging. Therefore, any days off I do get, I make sure to explore a new place of London or grab lunch with my flat mate.

C: When it comes to work, how do you balance the business side of it with the creative side?

L: I’m very lucky in that my career allows business and creativity to coexist intuitively. A good model is a good actor, embodying an entirely new persona for each shoot, or even for each look within a shoot to fit the storyline.

C: Are you naturally more creative, or more business-focused?

L: Art plays a huge part in my everyday life, and so I am naturally far more creatively driven. I feel so lucky to be able to work with a new team of such talented creators every day. We each bring something of our own to the project, amounting to the final few chosen pictures at the end of the day, which I think perfectly capture the creativity process.


C: Since the rise in social media and self-promotion, do you think of yourself as a brand?

L: Social media has become an invaluable and actually necessary way of securing work for me. When your career is almost entirely dependent on your appearance, it is so important to keep your followers updated, ensuring the right balance between your professional and more private life. It’s not unusual to turn up to a casting and be asked to write down your Instagram follower count after your name and age. I understand the importance and value of social media, particularly within the industry I’m involved in, but I try to not take it too seriously and wouldn’t class myself as a brand. I make sure that my personality comes through in my posts.

C: What do you think people would be surprised to find out about modelling?

L: In some ways, modelling can be viewed as more of a lifestyle than a career. Our working day doesn’t end at 5pm when we leave the office. We continuously watch what we eat, we work out daily, we maintain healthy hair, skin and nails around the clock. In this sense, much more goes on behind the scenes of that perfect shot in a magazine than many think. On top of this, the majority of us are young women working and supporting ourselves financially in London, whilst away from friends and family, which is a challenge in itself.


C: Do you think you’ll stick with modelling, or would you like to branch out in the future?

L: I always understood the importance of completing my studies before I threw myself totally into a full-time modelling career, completing my A-levels before moving to London and also securing a deferred university place for 2019. At the moment I am equally excited and unsure where I will be this time next year, but hope I will continue to work creatively, whether it be modelling, another pathway established by my modelling career or a university degree.

Thank you so much to Lulu for being a part of this! You can find her on Instagram along with more photos of her incredible work!

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