Creating blog titles that get clicks

I see you, creating game-changing content, putting it out into the world and not getting the attention it deserves.

I’ve been there (and got stuck there for ages). I’m not sure there’s a blogger alive that hasn’t had that problem.

In a world where we need to get a reader’s attention in three seconds or else they move on, one of the most important parts of your post is the title.

The title is the first thing people see, and it’s what makes them click the link, or move on and forget about it.

So what’s the click-winning formula? It starts with one key ingredient.

Focus on the result

Focus your title on the result someone can get after reading (and implementing the info in) your blog post.

If you’re in the process of revamping your old content for SEO, make sure you check your title gets the end result across clearly and quickly.

PS. Here’s my trick for organically working in all of your SEO keywords (and it doesn’t involve hashtags)

Focusing on the result has supercharged my creative brainpower. Once I started thinking about result, then making content around it, I had so many ideas for blog posts.

If your creative brain hasn’t had a good workout in a while (girl, I feel you) get out your notebook and write down the results you can give people.

Starter kit for results-based content

Not sure where to get started? Check out the list below for ideas about what results, solutions and tactics you can give people who find your content.

  • Instagram growth (followers or engagement, or both)
  • Mailing list growth
  • Using Pinterest to drive traffic
  • Using social media for lead generation
  • Blog post ideas
  • Email sequences
  • Amazing copy that gets clicks
  • Getting traffic to a new blog
  • How to work with brands

These topics will work for almost any blog, but no one knows your business like you do. Start writing.

The three-part formula

Overachievers, step this way. If you’ve read to this point then you must be one of the dedicated bloggers I wrote this post for. Here’s the tried-and-tested three part formula that everyone in business swears by.

How to … without … even if …

For example:

  • How to run your own business without burning out even if you have a 9-5
  • How to get out of a bad job without constant saving even if you have debt
  • How to create a blog without learning to code even if you don’t know where to start

This fully fleshed our title is sometimes best saved for your meta description and your graphics. It won’t always be short enough to create an engaging title, but it can be the hook that pulls someone from indecision to clicking your post.

Once your titles are results-driven, you can focus on where you’re getting traffic from. Pinterest is my biggest source of traffic and I’ve broken down all of my audience-buildings secrets for you in the exclusive guide right here.

Turning Pinterest into an audience-building machine in 4 steps

I used to shudder when I saw bloggers talking about how Pinterest got them 5000+ pageviews a month, because I had no idea how to do it. I read all the blog posts and messed around until I finally started seeing a difference.

Want to fast track your traffic growth? Get the guide here


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