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YouTube has created a platform for anyone and everyone to share their work online, with millions of people. David is a powerhouse of an editor, making wildly popular videos about characters and themes from shows like Doctor Who and Game of Thrones. He currently has 177K subscribers and some of his video shows have over 1 million views. I spoke to him about pressure, staying creative and future projects.

YouTube gave me the chance to express myself

David – The Garo Studios

Tell me about what you do?

I am a video editor. I take films, series anything I can find to craft an emotional video with editing skills that I have. Explaining what you do is quite hard now that I think about it. My videos had been noticed by Russo Brothers themselves, and that really took off. Now I am trying to pave my way through and build a decent career. This year I started editing film trailers professionally. I have done a few projects already that will come out this year and I am very excited. At first, it was hard to describe what I do because fan-viding was not something a lot of people were familiar with and it does not sound very intriguing when you say it out loud. Generally, I passed myself as just a regular YouTuber.

A tribute to Arya Stark

How did you first get into editing and creating YouTube videos?

Becoming a YouTuber was not something that I dreamt about when I was young. If that is even something people dream about really. Truth is, as surprising this may sound, I have always wanted to be a fighter jet pilot, but unfortunately, I’m diabetic and that shut down any chances that I had of becoming one. So, I had to look for something that truly inspired me and that was not the process of video editing. I think, it was the creative or imaginative process behind it and what came out of it eventually.

YouTube gave me the chance to express myself, show what I love and, most importantly, meet a lot of interesting people. The fact that I am here on the other part of the world talking to you about something I enjoy doing is staggering.

Explaining what you do is quite hard now that I think about it.

How often do you make videos and how do you fit it around your other work?

I manage to make 2-3 videos per month. I used to edit a lot faster and upload frequently, but honestly, they were not as good quality work as it is now. Managing time though, that is something I was not very strong at. University, studies, work, friends, hobbies and sleeping do not fit together in 24 hours, I wish days were 40hours or something like that, so I can fit everything in one.

I must say my video being watched by millions of people is astonishing. I have done the whole ‘overwhelmed’ part when I hit a thousand views on a video once. I remember I was so amazed by it, used to check analytics whole time and see from which part of the world people saw it. When I saw 1 view from Iceland I almost fainted. But now I try to keep it cool, even though inside I’m screaming with excitement.

Your videos have been watched by millions of people. Does that ever get overwhelming?

Doctor Who | The Optimist

What have been the best moments since starting your channel?

There are plenty of good moments. I think, about seventy per cent of so-called good moments come from YouTube in my life; because YouTube itself is so consuming, once you become a part of it, you just cannot let go, as cliche sounding that may seem, I think it is true. I am truly proud of my community on YouTube. I remember once my family and me included were in a such a deep end I just had to ask for help, as soon as I did that, it felt like someone took me by my hand and stood me up. I would not be where I am without them and I will forever be grateful.

All of your videos have a common theme in them. How do you get started when making a new video?

Usually, I look for emotions in films, sometimes in TV shows you have great characters that went through some kind of a journey and I love exploring these journeys in my videos. The first thing that I do is to find a proper song and that is the toughest thing I must do when editing. Soundtracks define what kind of a video I’m going to put out. Should it be epic? I look for something uplifting. Should it be sad? I look for something slow. The music itself just gives me another level of inspiration and when I have the right one that is when fun creative process begins.

The Crown | Eternal

I do not try at all to stay creative, I just let myself cool off for a few days if I ever feel overwhelmed by the whole editing process

How do you stay creative? Do you ever have days of not feeling inspired to make videos?

My mood changes all the time, sometimes there are days that I just don’t want to do anything. Yesterday, I have not done a thing but reading. I love reading books, I mean why would not you love reading them? I do not try at all to stay creative, I just let myself cool off for a few days if I ever feel overwhelmed by the whole editing process. Then when I come back all new ideas just come flying in my head. That how it works for me, maybe it is different for some people.

A tribute to Jon Snow

You must have an encyclopaedic knowledge of the show you make videos of. How do you remember the shows in such detail?

Funny thing is I watch everything once and when I catch myself feeling inspired by something that I saw, I cling to it and think about it throughout the day. Almost as if like, replaying film in my mind. This is really hard to do with long-running shows like Game of Thrones or Doctor Who for example, but I have gone through the footage so many times now that I know every detail by heart. At first, I used to keep notes and stuff, but I found myself not using them and I just got rid of it.

Do you think of your work and your channel as a business, or is it just a creative hobby for you?

I tried whole business thing once, but I felt like I was leaving a stain on it. I feel much comfortable when I’m treating it as a creative hobby as you say because I really let myself go there without any boundaries and I have no boss there to keep me in check. I have had like betting sites offering my crazy amount of money to advertise them, but I would never do that. But I keep the door open for any good business offer.

Have you got any plans for projects for 2019?

I feel very good about 2019, I think I will have a bunch of new projects coming up on my channel, I have been experimenting with new stuff and on top of that trying out new software, so that is very exciting. Nothing particular yet, but I will tease as soon as something comes up!


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