Defining your filmmaking career path

Defining you career in film

I had a call with a filmmaker recently who told me that he wasn’t sure which way his career was going to go and that really got to me.

There have been loads of times where I was waiting for a phone call that never came, or an email with an opportunity. I wasted so much time and it takes a lot of hope to go through that process over and over again.

Going freelance was pretty scary. Endless applications, not-so-endless job offers. Until someone sat me down and said, ‘Charlotte, why are you letting everyone else set your rates for you? You know the value of your experience, you know your worth. So get on with it’

Defining you career as a filmmaker

I think a lot of freelancers (myself included) think that your career, your success, is dependent on other people. Sure you apply for the jobs and have a great CV and all of the usual stuff, but you’re always going to be dependent on another person giving you the job.

But it can actually be 100% up to you where your career goes, how fast you climb the ladder and what kind of films you make. The first thing to figure out is FREELANCE vs SIDE HUSTLE

Side Hustle

If you want to make your own films and tell your own stories, then side hustle may be your dream come true. It takes some work to balance everything, but you’ve got your full-time job to pay the bills and your own time to work on your current project.


If the 9-5 life fills you with dread (yep, me too) then owning your career (and your schedule!) is going to be amazing for you. You can grow as fast as you like and make plenty of contacts.

There are always hard parts, like when the side-hustlers are having to explain why they’re spending all of their free time on their film, or when freelancers are having to motivate themselves all day everyday.

But figuring out whether you want to jump into your own films or work your way up the production ladder is the first step to getting clarity and a real sense of direction.

Are you a freelancer or a side-hustler?

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