How to reject limiting beliefs and show up for your 2019 goals

January 12th is the date people are most likely to give up on their New Years Resolutions, and considering that it usually takes 14 days to start seeing results and 30 days to make something a habit, most resolutions don’t even stand a chance.

There are always going to be plenty of excuses why you don’t continue with something. You want to start exercising, but it’s so bloody cold out that you have zero motivation to get going. You want to write every day, but you just can’t find the time. We let the external affect our motivation, then realise we’re not getting any results, decide we’re sort of fine as we are (I don’t need to know Italian on a day-to-day basis anyway…) and then lose all interest. All in 12 days!

If your goal is to give up your resolutions then you must be very happy being able to tick it off in a matter of weeks. But say you really do want to stick to them this year? What’s going to help you? (Spoiler: it’s not fancy new workout gear or that expensive program)

I’m calling it. ‘Mindset’ is going to be the new entrepreneurial buzzword. Meditation has surged in popularity and for good reason, and focusing on your approach to literally everything is going to make waves in your business and your life. Your mindset is what’s going to either keep you stuck where you are, or skyrocket you and your business to heights you barely dreamt of.

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    There’s always something deeper going on when it comes to resolutions, and that’s why you have to evaluate your mindset. In bleak, dark December it’s easy to imagine a shiny new version of ourselves, one that is ‘together’, knows exactly what she’s doing and is totally unstoppable. But by the time January rolls around, reality has set in and we can’t seem to align our imagination of who we should be with who we actually are. And it’s your mindset, with its limiting beliefs that is stopping you.

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    What exactly do we mean by a limiting belief? It is any ingrained idea in your mind of who you are – who you can be and who you definitely can’t be. The limiting beliefs are the ones that decide that you’re not really the sort of person that goes to the gym, so you abandon your plan of exercising on a regular basis. You can’t envision yourself as being healthy (whatever healthy means to you) and so you don’t even try.

    The best thing about them though is, often, they are the only thing that’s actually stopping you. It’s the only real obstacle you have to overcome in order to get to the shiny new version of yourself.

    How to improve your mindset and throw out limiting beliefs:

    1. Get a notepad and pen, or your Notes section in your phone. It’s best to write every single thing that comes to your mind down.
    2. Ask yourself, what is it you’re trying to achieve? Not who you want to be, but what you want to do.
    3. What’s the biggest hang up stopping you right now? No superficial excuses, what is it in your mind that’s stopping you?
    4. Write down the opposite to that belief. Write one exciting, empowering sentence.
    5. What are four examples of that sentence being true?
    6. Write out your new one-sentence belief five times. Focus on it, meditate on it, and revisit it every day.
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    This has been the game changer for my resolutions and for every part of my work. I’ve taken on more clients, I’ve grown my email list and I’ve had so many more ideas for #allthethings

    If you’re stuck or looking for a hand with finally getting rid of those old beliefs and showing up for your new goals you can get a one-off free call with me here

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