How to stand out as a creator in the Instagram age (without being spam-y)

Something strange is going on with female creatives right now and it’s having major impact on their careers.

They’re scared to start standing out.

I see it in emails, hear it on calls with you and read about it in messages.

“I don’t want to bombard my Instagram followers with film stuff”

“I’m not really sure where to get started with social media”

“I post every so often but I don’t really take it seriously”

Girl, social media is giving you the biggest platform and if you’re not already leveraging that to get your dream creative content made then we need to talk.

Having a social media strategy changed the game for me

It took me a long time to figure my social media strategy out, and I still have bad days (weeks) – I’m having one right now – where I don’t use socials to their full potential. But since working out my strategy and implementing it 24-7 (before I realised I could automate it 😳) my business has grown exponentially.

Why do I need a strategy?

Hold up. Let’s go back in time (only a little). Because whenever I ask people on strategy calls, over email or over coffee they look a little confused.

I’ve also been able to pitch bigger projects, talk to incredible actors and work with some amazing women.

“What’s your social media strategy? How are you using it to reach your target audience?”

I get it. Social media isn’t widely spoken about as a tool. More just a place for you to put selfies and the occasional post about work.

But when we put a social media strategy in place for a short film we got festivals coming to us and waiving the submission fees.

So even though ‘strategy’ feels like a pretty scary word, ask yourself if you can afford not to leverage the power of socials?

Old vs New

The old way to stand out was to go to all the networking events, have a ton of business cards, hand them out to everyone you met and send a bunch of emails along the lines of:

“Hi, we met at … I wanted to let you know that I’m available for work as … Here’s my CV”

Then you get no response, have to chase, chase again and still nothing.

The new way involves working on yourself first and foremost.

You cultivate your online profile, put a strategy in place and start seeing your engagement levels going up and getting more followers.

Now, when someone is googling you because you gave them your business card, they’re going to find your social media profiles. They’ll see you killing it, and you’ll stand out to them. Because not everyone is killing it. A lot of people aren’t even trying to kill it.

Free-spirited babes

It doesn’t have to be sales-y or spam-y

Everyone worries about seeming like the guy who only ever talks about their own work. I still worry about it. Whenever I have a post that is work-related I worry that my audience won’t care about it, or think I’m pushing it onto them.

But the truth is that once you start cultivating an engaged audience, they’re going to be interested in everything you post.

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Think about why people follow people they don’t know on social media. They’re sharing a part of their life with their audience, and people are interested in it. There are people following you who don’t know you, but they’re interested in your life and what you’re doing.

Creating an engaged audience

Posting consistent content is the first step to creating the dream audience. Getting used to seeing you and your work is the biggest step. Once they’ve gotten to know you they’ll start to really care about your posts.

Write long captions. These get high levels of engagement and build your following. Ask questions or suggest they leave a comment. Replying to all comments is a must in order to keep the conversation going.

The game changer

It’s always the next question I get asked after asking about strategy.

“What platform should I be using to gain an audience?”

All of them.

Existing everywhere online is an important factor to cultivating the strong following that’s going to allow you to leverage your online profile and start creating the content you want.

There’s been an explosion of content lately – Netflix, book deals, and a lot of it has been YouTuber focused. People want to know why YouTubers got book deals. It’s simple: the numbers.

They had an engaged following, which demonstrated to the big decision makers that there were plenty of people that would buy the books and guaranteed a return on investment.

By the way, I’m not saying they shouldn’t have gotten book deals, I’m just expanding on why they got them!

So girl, I’m going to ask again, can you afford not to be leveraging the power of social media?

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