Current Projects

Short Films

Whispers – a film about peer pressure, toxic relationships and choices. Director: Laura Phillips. The film is supported by three anti-bullying charities. Shooting late 2018

My Week With Maisy – an award-winning script that focuses on challenging perceptions, new relationships and dealing with sadness. It was written by Mark Oxtoby and the film is currently in development

Feature Films

Möbius – an ambitious sci-fi drama stretched across three time zones. Helena is a young girl fleeing Ukrainian soldiers in WWII, Bastian is the Manchester lad caught up with right-wing groups and Selena is the astronaut stranded in a strange new world. Director: Michal Golebiowski

Pastor’s Wife – a drama exploring modern religious life in London and the themes of faith, redemption, family and forgiveness. Director: Silvano Griffiths-Francis. The film will be co-produced under Silvano’s company SVG Productions

Hadron – a dystopian sci-fi drama about a world invaded, and the lengths two sisters have to go to in order to survive. The award-winning script by Rebecca Handley will be brought to life as a co-production with BOAK Films


Previous Projects

Short Films

Foxhole – a thriller about a woman named Sylvie, who must escape her abusive husband. She runs away to a safe house, only to discover it isn’t what it seems. But, then again, Sylvie is hiding things too. Director: Caris Rianne. The film was produced under Caris’ company Rianne Pictures. It premiered at the Sunderland Short Film Festival and remains on the festival circuit. It will be online later in the year. Watch the trailer now