I’m Charlotte Atkinson and I make films, amongst other things. What started out as a passion for being organised (yes, you can be passionate about that) has developed into a full-blown career in the film industry. There has been a lot of laughter, tears, and learning curves and I wanted to share them all with you.

Why do you work in film?

One of my favourite things about making films (aside from the organisational aspects) is the collaboration and camaraderie. Trust me, you don’t know true camaraderie until you’re wrapping up a twelve hour day with some exterior shots on a (freezing) cold night in January. Frostbite aside, I love getting to know new people and experiment with new creative styles, so drop me an email or connect on social media so we can get to know each other.

Is your blog just about filmmaking?

No, I would very quickly run out of things to write about and there’s already a tonne of incredible filmmaking blogs out there.

This blog covers a lot of ground. It’s partly about film producing, which means making a film actually happen. It also covers everything that goes into making your dream career your everyday world. I was so tired of talking to brilliant creatives but seeing them then lose all enthusiasm when they started telling me about their day job that pays the bills.

How do I get someone to produce my film?

I could write a whole blog post about that (if I haven’t already). To start with, find similar films to yours and find out who produced them. Reach out to them and give them a log line and synopsis of your film. If they’re interested then you’re in luck! If not, keep trying. The entire industry pretty much runs on perseverance.